August 17, 2004
-Rock America invades Las Vegas and Tokyo....the crowd goes wild!
August 17, 2004

- We are getting ready for the MAGIC show in Las Vegas Aug 30th thru Sept 2nd to launch a new line of licensed Rock & Roll Army Jackets. I know, this is a bit different but the toys will be there.
You all have to come and check it out. The booth # is AL24125.
We come back one day then leave for Tokyo. This is a real crazy show. There are a scillion people there! This will be the first time Japan will get to experience all the Rock America and Screw Loose toys. The booth in Tokyo is East Hall 1092-93. Be there or else the pixies in your shoes will eat your legs.

August 5, 2004

- Comic-con was a blast! And thanks to Dave, Neil and Alex the booth looked awesome! You guys are hot! During signings at the booth, Alex and Attaboy seemed like rock stars! Alex's 3 new Bunnywiths were a big hit as was Attaboy's Heat Seeking Axtrx figure.
Beezle and Bub were Goth attracting magnets.
Anyone who got a Goth Edition Bunnywith Tentacles with a PINK nose let us know so we can post your name on the site. There were only 50 pcs made.

June 7, 2004

- Rock America will be appearing at the San Diego Comic-Con this July, 22-25! We will be debuting a ton of new items, including the 3 new "Bunnnywiths" from Alex Pardee, Sam Kieth's "LEGS" Resin Statue, and the debut of SCREW LOOSE'S "The Odd Squad Imps", along with 2 new comic-con exclusives: "Bunnywith Tentacles: The Goth Edition" & "Heat Seeking Glow-In-The-Dark Axtrx".

May 25, 2004
-Alex Pardee's Bunnywith made an appearance in the most recent issue of Mass Appeal. Be sure to check it out!

May 1, 2004
-Rock America launches new website....the crowd goes wild!