Rock America is dedicated to bringing original properties to life by banding together with some of the industry's most creative underground (and some not so underground) talents. The artists we are currently working with on a number of projects are:
Attaboy is the sugar induced art & word ninja seen on both coasts of America. A renegade toy designer turned inward to make drawings, paintings, images, and products with an eerie childlike disturbed sensibility. A master at all things Gushy, Slurpy, and Sugar-filled, Attaboy's cracked skull houses the brain that is responsible for creating THE AXTRX, along with some new, secret collectible curios. For a deeper look into Atta's world, go check out THE YUMFACTORY.

Alex Pardee slaves away in silence while he is whipped into shape by a horde of art-hungry sea turtles. He is the creator of his own line of alternative comics, including "My Book of Shapes", "Bunnywith..." & his upcoming "The Secrets of Hollywood". Only recently jumping into the toy design industry, he already has over 156,000 ideas for toys, and plans on unleashing EVERY one of them upon the public (90,000 of them include different Bunnywiths!). Alex's art has appeared in such magazines as Juxtapoz, Concussion & Refused. For more info on Alex's art, and to avoid any accidental voodoo hexes, please visit his personal site EYESUCKINK.COM.

Best known for his work on THE MAXX and HULK & WOLVERINE, Sam is constantly pushing the story-telling envelope in the comics world, while, at the same time, melting those unique stories with gorgeous and gritty art. Kieth rose to prominence with his Marvel Comics collaborating with writer Peter David on The Incredible Hulk and Wolverine. But it wasn't until he moved to Image Comics and created The Maxx and later The Maxx cartoon on MTV that his cult began. Rock America is bringing one of Sam's earlier creations, LEGGS, to life this summer in the form of a collectible resin statue. For more information on all of Sam's new projects (and there are ALWAYS a lot) please visit